Letter from H4EU to the Hereford Times

Hereford Times 16th January

Capitol riots a lesson for us all

LAST week we saw an attempted coup in the United States, incited by Donald Trump himself.

Shocking media images showed armed rioters storming the Capitol in a direct attack on democracy.

Boris Johnson said he rued the scenes, but failed to condemn Trump as their orchestrator. Priti Patel also refused. Should we be surprised?

The Trump project offered models to other authoritarian and nationalist politicians, such as using social media to stoke hate, which our own government followed.

Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon embodied US/UK government links. Johnson denied that Bannon had advised him, but The Observer published a video proving it.

The Tories were first to welcome Trump’s victory, first to visit him, and he was invited on a UK state visit.

In 2018 Johnson said “I am increasingly admiring of Donald Trump”. Jacob Rees-Mogg said “Trump will be our greatest ally after Brexit”. Tory activists (in Northampton) were told to learn from his playbook by “weaponising fake news”.

The extreme right wing remains active, not only in the US but also here, and we should beware.

Richard Jones



Jamontoast6216th January 11:34 am

2Did Mr Trump say to his supporters go and take over that building? Like most planned protest you have people who go just to cause trouble. It goes on in every country around the world. Did Mr Blair deside to give Scotland and Wales their own parliament to divide the nation? Does Democracy really exist? I think it’s a word pulled out now and again in an attempt to put blinkers on what’s really going on. Mr Trump for the last four years as been a pain in the backside of Capital hill and their out to destroy him once and for all. If you bothered to read the ideology of Democracy you will quickly become aware that Democracy in this country is a joke.

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anniesmudge16th January 12:08 pm

3I quite agree with some of your points. However, none of it has anything to do with Hereford or Herefordshire so the Hereford Times is hardly the place to play International Politics!


Chaltis16th January 01:14 pm

9In subverting democracy Trump has demonstrated his technique over the last 4 years.
He captured his huge audience by speaking to them directly via social media to exaggerate their deeply held prejudices, anxieties and fears using racist, xenophobic and anti-social language. He stoked their resulting rage by identifying imaginary enemies and false conspiracies. He generated a compliant communication service using the extreme right-wing media which repeated and built on his speeches, and calling all those who told the truth liars and purveyors of “fake news”. He appointed his friends and cronies to powerful positions in Government, communications, business and the judiciary. Finally, he lit the fire and fanned the flames in Washington before sending his acolytes up to the Capitol to overthrow Congress.
If you think no-one could do the same in the UK, think carefully, go through the list above and see how many have already occurred.


stickybuns4 hrs ago

1Trump certainly has a style, but in invoking claims of fake news and subverting democracy one cannot just simply ignore the antics of the Democrats throughout the past four years.


Eymerk Hunt16th January 01:35 pm

5Who ever wrote this could of been paid by the mainstream media. What a narrative.
Turns out many Protestors were let through barricades by capital police. Also turns out through citizen journalism that antifa and blm agitators were amongst them. And were doing the damage to windows etc. Trump suooorters are on camera actually stopping people from being wreckless.
A democrat congresswoman penned a motion on the fake insurrection THE DAY BEFORE. Now that is fishy in itself. And then we have police inside taking selfies with people.
The whole thing was a set up and the evidence is pouring in with affidavits from fbi and secret service to back that up. It’s amazing just how easy people are to fool with a narrative as long as the tv tells them.


Ian Roberts16th January 07:46 pm

4Oh dear. The conspiracy force is strong in this one. No actual evidence of course.


alan jones3 hrs ago

1So for the past year the democrats have defended and in many cases encouraged the “Mostly peaceful protests” which have caused hundreds of millions in damages and goodness knows how many deaths and the media makes excuses for them. And has anyone seen the video of the “violent trump protestors” tidying up afterwards. i very much doubt it. Oh and I am not allowed to post links to the evidence.


Nugel7 hrs ago

0″Did Mr Trump say to his supporters go and take over that building? Like most planned protest you have people who go just to cause trouble.”

I would suggest that it was Trump’s intention that they would go and cause as much disruption as possible. Interestingly, a number of the rioters who have been arrested are asking for pardons from Trump – Jenna Ryan (a realtor, who also took the opportunity to plug her services), said she had been “displaying my patriotism”, adding: “I listen to my president who told me to go to the Capitol.” Ryan also posted on FB – “We are going to f**king go in here. Life or death, it doesn’t matter. Here we go.”
There seem to be a number of the rioters who are pointing at Trump as the person who told them to do this. So, it isn’t just about words used, it’s about the desired outcomes.
Could it happen here? Read Nick Cohen’s piece in the Guardian – whether you like the Guardian (or Nick Cohen) or not, his piece on the way racism evolves over time is very perceptive.
And, I agree, Democracy in the UK has become a joke.

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