H4EU street stall shows few benefits from Brexit

Ledbury street stall shows few benefits from Brexit

Members of Herefordshire branch of the European Movement (H4EU) were joined by colleagues from the Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury on Saturday 18th September for a street stall focussed on the effects of Brexit that are now emerging. Members of the public were asked a number of questions on how they now feel about the consequences of Brexit. Those questions were

  • Is Brexit working for you/your family/friends?
  • Have you noticed any benefits from Brexit?
  • Have you noticed any shortages in the shops?
  • Have you experienced any difficulties due to Brexit?
  • Would you vote to rejoin the EU if you could?

The 288 responses received were split according to whether or not they saw advantages from Brexit. This showed a clear majority of responses highlighting disadvantages, 83%, compared to just 17% citing benefits.  Within the overall numbers 84.2% of respondents to the last question said that they would vote to rejoin the EU if they could.

Although H4EU tried to engage all passers-by, it is accepted that such surveys may not be fully representative of the views of the public at large. However, the magnitude of the dissatisfaction shown suggests that there is an increasing realisation that the promises that were made by the Leave campaign at the time of the referendum are now looking pretty hollow as evidenced by the ever increasing gaps on supermarket shelves; something which is widely expected to get worse, particularly as Christmas gets ever nearer.

For further information please contact Richard Jones, Chair of Herefordshire for Europe, at herefordshire4eu@europeanmovement.co.uk.

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I am at the further end of a long journey which has taken me through times living abroad in Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius and Brussels as well as a great variety of countries for shorter visits; through a working life in international development, the European institutions, multinational business and latterly in the Church of England as a parish priest, Archdeacon and adviser to the Church nationally on inter religious affairs. For the past five years I have been a vicar again in the Earls Court area. I have chaired the London Faiths Forum, initiated the Near Neighbours programmes. I am a trustee of St Ethelburga Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. I have grown up within the Church of England's parishes, chaplaincies and schools where its heartbeat is and I value it and its contribution to the formation of individuals and communities above all other structures, believing that it represents at its best the incarnational love of God for all people

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