Herefordshire for Europe AGM papers

19 07 01 Herefordshire for Europe accounts as at 2nd July 2020

H4EU AGM report

H4EU AGM strategy

Herefordshire for Europe AGM, Thursday 2 July 2020, 6pm

On Zoom:

Meeting ID 817 6591 4905


  1. Welcome, apologies, establishment of quorum and voting procedures
  2. Report of the work of Herefordshire for Europe
  3. Financial report of Herefordshire for Europe
  4. Strategy and plan of work for the next year
  5. Adoption of draft constitution
  6. Election of Executive Committee: nominations must be received by the acting Secretary by 28 June. Nominations received so far:

Chair: Richard Jones

Vice Chair: Jill Hanna

Treasurer: Mark (Ben) Bennett

Secretary: Guy Wilkinson

Committee members: James Gould, Richard Henson, Harriet Pahl

  1. Other proposals by members, provided they have been notified to the acting Secretary by 25 June. Depending on the issue, the Chair reserves the right to adjust the agenda to address them at the best point.

Richard Jones

Acting Chair

16 June 2020

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