Herefordshire for Europe: Our Strategy

Herefordshire for Europe: Our Strategy
Herefordshire for Europe is a membership organisation within the European Movement and working closely with other local and regional groups to recover the benefits to Herefordshire and the United Kingdom of membership of the European Union

Our strategic aim is for the United Kingdom to become again a full member of the European Union recognising that there are many steps on that road and that the world around us is changing rapidly, politically, economically and technologically. We have therefore to be able to tailor our resources and activities to the best advantage in the immediate term whilst keeping fully in view the long term aim of rejoining the European Union

Our strategic framework has three strands which are intended to guide and focus the use of our time and resources. They are: Informing, Campaigning and Partnering

By ‘informing’ we understand the need to keep ourselves informed about current and relevant developments in relation to the European Union and the impact of Brexit; and to provide information to our membership and beyond in the ways available to us. The purpose of keeping informed and informing others is to provide clarity about the benefits of being part of the European Union and the costs of separating ourselves from our neighbours
The priority actions will be:

  • To grow our active membership
  • To grow the number of paid-up European Movement members in Herefordshire
  • To make full use of our newsletter
  • To provide and attend appropriate webinars and other learning opportunities, ensuring a diverse platform for speakers
  • To share stories and information

By campaigning we mean using the means at our disposal to make public our views on the Europe related issues that impact the wellbeing of people in Herefordshire. This includes scrutinising the Government’s actions and holding it to account on its Brexit promises. Our aim is to encourage those who voted Remain and to persuade those with open minds who voted Leave or did not vote, to reconsider.
The priority actions will be:

  • To make full use of social media
  • To be visible through actions in public places
  • To engage with public figures by letters and in the media on current issues
  • To identify and segment our target audience and follow up appropriately
  • To engage with the local branches of the political parties in pursuit of our agenda

By partnering we mean engaging with other local, regional and national organisations which share our views.
The priority actions will be:

  • To work closely with the European Movement, Regional EM groups and the Young European Movement
  • To co-operate with other pro European groups such as Grassroots for Europe and Open Britain
  • To support the campaigns of organisations which are aimed at European solidarity such as the3Million
  • To support the campaigns of organisations which are aimed at UK electoral reform such as Make Votes Matter and the Electoral Reform Society, to help to prepare the way for rejoining the European Union
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