Herefordshire for Europe: Values and Conduct

  1. Herefordshire for Europe (H4EU) believes that the people of these islands share with those who live on the wider continent and the world beyond, common, fundamental and irrepressible rights, needs and aspirations.
  2. H4EU believes that the shared cultural, historical, religious and humanist inheritance of the people of Europe should ensure that we continue to transcend our ancient divisions in order to forge a common destiny whilst respecting individual identities and the heritages of particular communities.
  3. H4EU believes that Europeans and the institutions of our governance should act together as global champions of the self-evident values of liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and a respect for both human rights and our environment.
  4. H4EU believes that citizens of the United Kingdom share a distinct responsibility and are uniquely placed, to contribute to these aims and that we will all benefit immeasurably from the enthusiastic and leading participation of the UK in the European movement and its pursuit and protection of pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice and solidarity.
  5. H4EU believes that the great political priority of our time must be work for a more peaceful, successful, inclusive, safe, equal, prosperous continent and global community across Europe and within the European Union.
  6. H4EU, in taking forward its stated values, commits its members to the self-control, civility in public behaviour and courteous individual conduct that are essential in progressing its cause.
  7. H4EU accepts the right of individuals to dissent from its particular views and respects open and honest debate during campaigning and within organised meetings.
  8. H4EU will use a wide variety of means to engage with the public including leafleting, public information stalls, speakers, and rallies. In all of these H4EU respects the law and strongly discourages expressions of anger, rudeness to individuals, invasion of ‘personal space’ and respects the rights of individuals not to engage
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