Useful Links

European Movement:

The European Movement UK is a grass-roots, independent, pro-European organisation, working to give a voice to those who believe that Britain’s future lies side by side with our European partners

West England Bylines:

Celebrating the dynamism, diversity and economic importance of our region, West England Bylines is an opportunity for citizen journalism to highlight the issues that matter, while giving voice to opinions and commentary which are too often stifled by a tightly-controlled media.

Scientists for Europe:

Scientists for EU is a campaign by UK scientists to keep the UK in the EU. Science is vital for the UK’s economy and quality of life. Science is also at the heart of global, social challenges that face us all. We believe that we can achieve so much more good for the UK and the world from within the EU.

The Three Million:

The 3 Million is a support & pressure group by EU citizens living in the UK. We aim to offer practical guidance & lobby government to protect our rights. The3million is a not for profit group and support network which campaigns to preserve the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in Europe after Brexit

More United:

More United gives you a chance to change the direction of our politics for the better. We raise money and recruit volunteers to support political candidates who stand by our values, regardless of their party. Our support helps those candidates get elected, changing Britain for the better.

The New European:

Launched as a response to the 2016 United Kingdom’s EU Referendum, its readership is aimed at those who voted to remain within the European Union, with the newspaper’s tagline being “The New Pop-up Paper for the 48%”.

SODEM (Stand of Defiance European Movement)

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